Po-Po's Feast pt. deux on Sunday, 3.13.16 (EVENT)

Design by the imitable Deanna Paquette 

Design by the imitable Deanna Paquette 

Brooklyn, stand up...and grab your chopsticks. Here's to another year, another Po-Po's feast, and another chance for me to make Po-Po proud. Last time was such a success that I'm doing it again. Be prepared for a mouth-numbing good time, yummy tunez, and fun company.  

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Sunday, 3/13.16  
at Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint
Seating at 6:30PM  
$55 with a welcome cocktail + wine & beer cash bar


welcome cocktail

scallion pancake beef roll 牛肉捲餅
numbing tofu 豆腐干
homemade pork sausage 香腸

prawn balls 蝦球
sichuan beef noodle soup 牛肉麵
fish-fragrant lotus root 鱼香蓮藕
sweet vinegar cabbage  糖醋白菜

black sesame surprise part two
(made with Unicorn Milk sesame milk) 

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