The culinary landscape in New York is changing. Much of the dining experience has become about speed and efficiency. And the wellness industry boom can distance us from what’s trend and what actually nourishes the mind, body, and spirit. Diane Chang founded Po-Po’s in 2015 in response to the stressed and sterile dining experience that ambitious New Yorkers fall privy to.

Based in Brooklyn, her immersive catering provides delicious, whimsical, feel-good foods for special events and parties. Po-Po’s creative family-style sharing and considered plated dishes hope to inspire conversation and curiosity.

Los Angeles-native Diane Chang pairs years of experience working at Bon Appétit, restaurants, and private chef work with dishes her grandmother,
Po-Po (or 婆婆 in Chinese) taught her at home.

Her Po-Po grew her own vegetables, rarely used refined sugars, and believed in communal dining. Diane practices these same core values. Today, she continues her culinary practice by incorporating her grandmother’s food philosophies into edible creations — updated for the modern, conscientious eater.

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