April 11th, Po-Po's x Rustic Supper pops up at Maman

Invite designed by Jenny Tondera. Thanks, Jenny! 

Invite designed by Jenny Tondera. Thanks, Jenny! 

Three years of dreaming and suddenly, I’m two weeks away from watching a seedling of an idea blossom into something remarkable, inspiring, and importantly - delicious. 

On April 11th, my friends Amanda and Molly at Rustic Supper and I are will be hosting a pop-up dinner party at Maman, a lovely French bakery/cafe in Soho. Together, we’ve put together a menu adapted from my grandmother’s recipes. And in creating the menu, Rustic Supper’s genius really shined through. Amanda and Molly helped me reimagine classic dishes without losing sight of my grandmother’s distinct culinary approaches and traditional Sichuan flavors. 

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