wheat-free. Dairy-free. and so moist. 


If you are interested in special ordering or learning more about Po-Po's Breads, please fill out the form below! All breads are gluten and dairy free, made mainly with unrefined sugars. Current flavors include: 

Year-Round //
Turmeric Banana with Chocolate
Curried Olive with Caramelized Onions
Roasted Strawberry Thyme Cake
Matcha Black Sesame with Matcha Glaze
Carrot-Date with Beet Glaze

Spring & Summer //
Peach Cardamom
Black Sesame Plum

Fall & Winter //
Beet Blood Orange with Thyme
Kumquat Date Cake with Coconut Toffee Sauce
Pumpkin Black Sesame 

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